What I say I wish I would say, but I don't agree. Can't fake a heartbeat. Close my eyes and see a line has two sides, a middle, an edge sharp or beveled, hand drawn, never straight. Imperfect. The human way. A heart beat shakes what I say, what I wish I would say. Who won't agree? Close my eyes and see.
We always know before it's over. We don't know how just now, but we know. Feel it. I see it. Don't know it yet but need it because we know utopia is only for the soul. Somewhere no one goes. Show me a flag I'll show you a board. Stand on either it's over for sure. You know it takes love.
Lean into love. The only object of affection. The mission to belong. We're never far gone if we tip over we'll see how we lean into love. So little mystery today. So little history today. Remaining unwanted is only for when we're haunted. What's daunting is when you lean into love. Don't embrace the hand in a glove, a pockets covering beat too long abroad. The law I presume couldn't break our bond. Lean in and take the brunt of god. Shake the sky on high and just lean into love. So simple oh sweet simple it sounds, but I wanna be dumb. Who says I'm not, all wrong. I believe I hate what I've become. Threw some trash on the ground. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when I smile, cuz I know, cuz I believe. I wanna be dumb. I know I can. I know I am strong. I believe whatever they tell me cuz I wanna be dumb. Threw some more trash on the ground, still absolutely nothing wrong when I smile, cuz I know, cuz I believe...

All the laughter cries. All the bodies die, but we keep on ticking, keep living, hope it's worth it. If you're doing it wrong then get on top. The sunshine is fine. The only problem I got, I'm scared of what I'm not. Right now I feel my heart drop. The cold wind's so hot, so long. The doors open at 4 o'clock. Why are you waiting? Traffic's gaining till you get on top. I don't look past the windshield into the mirror. They say the past is only fear. 
Perfect. Everyone's so perfect. Everyone's got a car to go far in their life without strife. Gimme need and I'll bleed. To hell with you all. I go right, I go left. The choice to make when exactly is fake. Perfect, so perfect. Everyone together, everyone wearing leather. You cornered? You're bored. Got a car? You'll go far in your life like a knife. Gimme need and I'll bleed with you all. Come on and be me. Perfect.
Loud and clear I heard you dear. My turn to shut up and listen. Why won't you ask a question she says. Enough with all the suggestions. If I wanted one I would've asked. Oh dear you see I didn't know how much I'd told and how little I've heard. Started feeling, well I've been stealing all the love I've received. You know the mystery of loves aching? The tender and the making means we all deserve a little more. 

I met a girl in Vietnam under a lantern with Buddha hands. She liked the people, they liked her back. She got her boot fixed now she'll never be angry bout that. I met a girl while I was in Vietnam. An American too, never could meet again, so then...
Everywhere so crowded, everywhere so hot. The pancakes, the motorbikes, can't cross the road without looking out for number one. So we held hands and we agreed that war is bad and wrong, and I was shy but we made like we had known each other quite awhile. Before we were born we fell in love, all at once and now we know. We'll never die alone. You see the sunset over Hanoi? Feel so quiet and destroyed? Now I know we'll never die alone.


Never said no to ever, never said I wouldn't lie, never said I said never said, I said never say never, never once. Never have I ever been more aware of you then now, and I don't care how I feel. Hot or disturbed. Aching unheard. For real. Whatever it is I think it is. It's all too real. That when I see you I don't care how I feel. Understand? There is no guard up, filter or guilty schpeel, just what you need to know told straight through the fold of time. A space where there is no time to not be true. When I see you I don't care how I feel. I mean when I see you I don't care how it looks, how it happens, how it appears, what people say or fear. When I'm in love I'm nothing and you are the world. 

It's controlling
It's controlling
It's controlling
It's controlling me
The answer
The answer
The answer
To set me free
Revealing motion while standing still, hold my arm at will and christ maybe you'll hang in there
Wait for a vision
A vision
A vision of what I think I need to know right now
supposed changing and real life laboring to begin some right way. Depending on soldiers and sanctum, soft hands and chewing gum, it's the blundering idiot in me thinking answers are chances for ransom of dream called
Set me free.

She likes to sit in the sunlight, eyes closed. Not sleeping. Not cold. Perfectly belonging to the sky I'm told. Annie can you answer me this, how does the sun feel on your lips? What does a child see when the snake starts to hiss? Oh Annie what's the word I'm looking for? She says it's HAPPINESS, oh don't you know? Cuz she is magic. Can she be mine oh mine? Yeah she can have it the sun, the moon anytime. She can reach for things I never see, a mountain top way down under the sea, a brand new smile without jealousy. Cuz she is magic. Can she be mine oh mine? Yeah Annie tells me, all the time.